First step:
After your successful registration you will have the opportunity to complete your profile with other personal, business or professional information. Under the section “Settings” you also can state a new e-mail address or change your settings concerning notifications of the latest activities.
My network
Under “My Network” you will be able to access all your contacts or find the latest activities and articles of them. In your Inbox you can read all your incoming and sent messages.
In the section Subject/Groups you can compare your notes with others on personal or professional topics or create your own group.
To find former colleagues or fellow students or make new and interesting contacts, there are three different possibilities. Either you look for your last visitors and the newest community members on your start page or browse the community by specific keywords.
Jobs & Career
Under “Jobs & Career” you will find a short overview of the latest internships and job offers as well as mentoring and training programs. For further information just click on the offer you are interested in. Moreover, you can also download every offer as a PDF file. If you want to insert a job opportunity, send us a message to:

Under the section “Events” you will find a list of the recent events. For detailed information you have to click on the respective event. There you will also have the opportunity to apply for this event. Your registration isn’t obligatory; you can sign off at any time.
In the right sidebar you can start a system-wide search by using any keywords. The Quick Access Toolbar (profile, in-box, contact requests, events, groups) enables a fast surfing in our network and keeps you informed about the news in all of our sections.
How to deactivate your profile
If you like to delete your profile and all your personal data, you will have to contact us in writing an e-mail to our alumni coordinator of the TUHH. Your profile and your data will be deleted immediately. Please note your profile will not be available any longer. For future use you have to re-registrate.
Any  further questions
For further questions or remarks please feel free to contact us via e-mail: